Mentorship Program

♥ I offer a three month, six month and a year long one on one mentorship program. You can choose which ever program you would like to sign up for and If you feel you need further support you can simply extend your program for six months or a year.

♥  Your sessions are at least one hour long, once or twice a week, either in person or over the phone.


♥  Through mutual agreement you may be given tasks or homework to do in between sessions.


♥  We start with weekly meetings, or calls if you are outside Mumbai . The time commitment can be changed to suit your individual needs. It’s important to remember that change takes time and is a gradual process.


♥ The journey that we take together creates deep soul transformation and healing towards living a fully empowered life. I listen carefully to you and then create a transformational session for your unique needs within a safe and supported relationship.


♥ I use a combination of therapies , tools and techniques to help you create lasting changes in your life. These include, EFT, breath work, energy healing, inner child work, clearing and balancing your chakras, law of attraction, , shadow work, affirmations, meditation etc.


♥ All these techniques help you to release negative thought patterns, heal past trauma, identify self –limiting beliefs, help you to clear stuck and stagnant energy , help you to realize your true power and nature.


Once you are aware that you can be, do or have anything, once you know that you are worthy, and life is supposed to be good and wellbeing is your natural state , this will give you freedom and empowerment to live a life full of joy and bliss and awareness. You will experience balance and harmony in all areas of your life.


The focus of my practice is to facilitate the navigation of distressing emotion with the un-conditional positive presence that I provide for each client, while teaching them how to provide this presence  for themselves.