Tribute to Coco Cola

Priya dedicates her work in the field of animal healing to her dearest canine companions friends and spiritual guides Coco Cola. Cola was by Priya’s side for 7 years, and was her very first Animal Reiki teacher and now a spirit guide who is constantly guiding her, and Coco was her first pet, her rock, her spiritual Guru who held space for Priya for 15 years and taught her more about life than anyone else ever could .

Today both of them continue to guide her and support her from the other side and lead her to the animals who need help the most. Animal healing in India was started by Priya as a gratitude to Cola for all the love and laughter and joy Cola gave her over the years, after Cola , Coco held space for her and made it easy to carry on the healing work . Priya invites you to view this memorial tribute which she created in memory of her children Coco Cola.

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