About The Author

Priya saklani holds a doctorate degree in holistic and spiritual healing. She is a certified Holistic Life Coach and a Reiki Master and Teacher. Priya is also a pioneer of ‘Animal Reiki’ in India.

As a survivor of two decades of childhood complex trauma and sexual abuse, and after healing herself from the effects of childhood abuse, Priya is committed to helping anyone suffering from childhood trauma and to help them overcome the core beliefs that are blocking their road to recovery.

Born an empath and a clairsentient, Priya has dedicated her life to assisting the wounded adult children of dysfunctional families and victims of abuse, by helping them to overcome flawed childhood programming and co-dependency and breaking the negative patterns of the past and reclaiming their life. Her speciality is ‘Inner child healing’ and she is passionate about ‘Conscious Parenting’.

It is her mission to inspire and empower others to reveal their authentic self
and live a life of their highest potential. She bridges the gap between trauma and purpose.

“The Wounded healer”- Author’s message.


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“Until we heal our childhood wounds, we will continue to recreate the childhood dynamics of abuse,abandonment, betrayal and rejection.”

– The Wounded Healer

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