Reiki for Animals


“Perhaps there are more options to animal healing than we ever imagined”.

Reiki is a hands-on healing method that originated in Japan.It is a gentle, effective healing method, which treats the whole individual.  The practitioner channels healing energy through her hands to the animal through a light touch either directly on the body or from a distance.  The word Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is a Japanese composite word usually translated as “universal life energy”. It is based on the idea that all living beings are made up of mostly energy. When life energy is high, your pets are healthy and balanced, more relaxed and less likely to get sick. When it is low, they’ll often be more easily affected by stress and less resistant to illness.


I believe strongly that  When we only treat the symptoms the physical body exhibits, we are not addressing the entire being, the source, or the cause of the symptoms. Reiki is a safe complement to conventional Western medicine, Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy and all other forms of healing. Reiki is non- invasive yet very effective and can be used to improve your pet’s health and behavior.


Animals, all domestic and wild understand energy and naturally gravitate towards Reiki.  Some pets may initially prefer to experience the energy from a slight distance, rather than having the practitioner’s hands directly on them.


I offer in person and distant healing sessions for all animals domestic and wild as well as their humans.

  However, Reiki is not a replacement for veterinary care, and if your pet is sick, please take him to the doctor!!

Stress caused by variety of factors, absorbed from their human companions, living in a “human”world, changes in living conditions and environment, lack of exercise, lack of contact with nature, highly processed and low-quality , low energy foods, invasive medical procedures, environmental toxins, lack of sunlight and fresh air, the energetic imbalances of the earth itself.

I incorporate a combination of energy and vibration remedies during my healing sessions, such as Reiki, Touch therapy, Flower Essences, Essential oils, and Orgone therapy. These vibration and energy remedies carry high frequencies.This frequency assists the animal’s own energetic field to resonate at a higher vibration, thus allowing healing and balance to occur throughout the entire energy system, not just the physical body, but the animal’s whole system.These remedies work on the source, not just the symptoms of imbalance or illness.

As humans we are making a conscious shift towards prevention and integration, and balance in our own health and wellness. We owe the same attention to our pets and animals.

Benefits of Reiki for pets:

  •      Enhances overall well-being.

Just like people, even healthy pets can have occasional physical, emotional and mental imbalances that, if left untreated, can manifest as illness. Periodic Reiki treatments can help maintain your pet’s natural state of well-being and balance.

  •      Strengthens the immune system for cancer therapies.

Cancer therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation present stress to an already compromised immune system.  Reiki strengthens the immune system to better deal with this additional stress.  It helps alleviate or prevent the side effects of conventional cancer treatments and provides pain relief.

  •      Accelerates healing following surgery or illness.

Reiki can alleviate and prevent side effects of conventional medications such as pain killers and antibiotics, and provides pain relief and relaxation to facilitate and enhance the body’s natural healing response.

  •     Increases trust and bonding between you and your pet.

People and pets often mirror each others’ physical and emotional states.  Animals are natural healers and sometimes take on their person’s problems, often in an attempt to heal them.  This happens because of the deep bond shared between a pet and his or her person.  Because of the shared energy in such a close relationship, energetic imbalances are shared as well.  For optimum healing, joint treatments for people and their pets can often be beneficial.

  •      Can help with behavior issues by promoting relaxation and stress reduction.

Many behavior issues are caused by stress.  Reiki has a calming effect on the pet and may help make the pet more receptive to training and behavior modification.  Reiki is extremely beneficial and promotes deep relaxation for animals with anxiety or those with a history of abuse.  The gentle touch and the energy can help restore trust in animals who have learned to associate touch with being hurt.

  •      Provides comfort and relieves pain, anxiety and fear for terminally ill animals.

Reiki is a wonderful way to facilitate the transition for terminally ill animals and their owners.  Often, animals will not allow themselves to transition because they intuitively feel that their person is not ready to let them go.  Joint Reiki treatments for the pet and his or her person can help both through this difficult time by enhancing the bond and allowing a gentle transition. It comforts and relaxes animals nearing end of life for a peaceful transition.

Reiki supports emotional, mental and physical well-being by energetically balancing your pet.   I have found that most pets are soothed and relaxed by a Reiki treatment, but sometimes a pet may be energized and rejuvenated instead.  Pets with cancer or other painful conditions benefit from Reiki’s ability to reduce pain and swelling.  Reiki is a wonderful addition to any end-of-life care program.   Reiki is also wonderful for rescued pets who endured abuse or abandonment in their past, and for pets in animal shelters.

Consultations for Animals



Pet Health – Lifestyle:  Diet, Environment and Exercise

We all want our pets to live long, healthy and happy lives.  Three key components to this are diet, environment, and exercise.  During our consultation I will

Review your pet’s current diet.  I will make suggestions on how to improve it, and recommend supplements, if indicated.

  • Review your pet’s current diet.  I will make suggestions on how to improve it, and recommend supplements if indicated.
  • Review your pet’s current environment to ensure that it’s free from toxins and common psychological stressors.
  • Discuss your pet’s exercise routine, and offer suggestions to improve it, if needed.

Pet Health – Sick Pet

Did your pet receive diagnosis of a serious or chronic illness from your veterinarian, and you’re feeling overwhelmed?  Do you have a difficult time sorting through treatment options?  Are you unsure whether you can follow through on your veterinarian’s treatment plan (injections, medication, subcutaneous fluids)?  During our consultation, I can help you

  •  Review your pet’s diagnosis and treatment plan and offer support for implementing your veterinarian’s suggestions.
  • Offer suggestions and tools for caring for a sick pet, both physically/logistically and emotionally.
  • Provide resources for your pet’s specific health condition, including what alternative treatments may be available for your pet’s condition.

Consultations are not a substitute for veterinary care.  
Suggestions for diet changes and supplements should be discussed with your pet’s veterinarian.

ANIMAL REIKI healing session IMG 1

Reiki treatments given in person are  given in the pet’s home .   Most pets take to the energy readily and enjoy hands-on treatments.  Some pets may be more comfortable from a slight distance.  Whether given directly hands-on or from across the room, treatments are equally effective.

Reiki sessions for pets typically last  for 30 minutes.  The frequency of sessions depends entirely on each individual animal’s health status and needs.  Some health issues can be resolved in two or three sessions, others may take ongoing sessions on a recurring basis.The frequency of sessions will be tailored to your pet’s individual needs.

Individual Animal Healing & Animal Therapy Sessions

I work intuitively & each animal is treated both individually & holistically. The animals’ guardian does not have to believe in any particular spiritual path for the healing energy to have a profound effect on the animal. Healing is a natural therapy and can aid in promoting enhanced wellbeing, recovery, calm, peace, and deep relaxation.

A Typical Session Can Include:

Hands on Healing

Hands off healing

Orgone therapy

Essential oils therapy

Flower Essence therapy


The outcome of a treatment can be noticed soon after a treatment & over the following days. It may become clear that a physical injury or illness has begun to heal more rapidly than expected or that an emotional or behavioural challenge has shifted or been released. Deeper or longer-standing challenges may take several treatments to clear and regular treatments may be needed for a longer period of time to facilitate the process of working through and ‘letting go’ of the issues that need healing. In general initially around four healing sessions are needed. Frequent and maintenance sessions are usually required for long term benefits.

I incorporate various other remedies with Reiki such Flower Essence , essential oils and orgone therapy.These remedies work on the root cause of the imbalance or illness.


Animals recognize the good energies of flower essences and know exactly how to use them to improve their health and energetic balance.”Negative “ energies such as anxiety, anger or the electric dissonance of the modern world have electric patterns that can leave animals feeling anxious, out of balance, or ill. In contrast, the positive electric patterns of Flower Essences help animals to improve their health and emotional well-being. They have been proven to prevent shock in severe cases of trauma, and can quickly restore calm under the most stressful circumstances, for adults, children  and animals. As our lives become more stressful, so do theirs and all our pets nowadays often manifest many ‘diseases’ that we do, such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. As we learn more about the role of emotional health in the creation on all disease, then it must be that when our pets are unwell, they also need emotional support.


Essential oils work at emotional and cognitive levels as well as at the physiological level. Many animals have a dramatic improvement in their response to stress and anxiety with the use of oils. They affect animals deep down at, the cellular level, positively impacting neurochemistry and biochemistry. This, of course, makes more balanced and happier pets. They promote healing on every level spiritually and energetically. They are the essence of a holistic approach to healing –mind, body and spirit.


This therapy is a wonderful way to ensure your pet’s health and overall balance. Animals instinctively recognize healing crystal and mineral energy as being beneficial and more so when these stones are embedded in orgone matrix material. Your pet senses what orgone therapy can do for them, they do not question it and just allow the frequencies to help them heal and boost their immune system.

 Specific Problems / Illness

As an Animal Reiki practitioner I do not diagnose a problem, the healing energy locates the problem that is most in need of healing. These areas may not be what you expect. Physical issues can have emotional root causes, & when it is in the best interest of the animal, holistic healing can help your animal to resolve & release these matters, returning to emotional and physical health more quickly.

All animals deserve our love ~ Every living creature on this planet is a part of the energy of this universe. Through healing we can all benefit from tapping into our universal energy. Animals past and present have been my greater mentors and teachers, and I extend my love and thanks to you all.

animal reiki page distant healing section

Reiki can be given remotely. Distance healing, also known as remote healing

Distant Healing is very effective and can be preferable to hands-on treatments in some instances.


Some animals may live too far away for hands-on treatments. Others may be extremely small, fearful of strangers, old and fragile, or close to death and may be better able to relax and absorb Reiki distantly. For people with very busy schedules, alternating distant Reiki treatments and in-person treatments are a great way to be able to give your animal the benefits of Reiki more conveniently. Distant treatments are also quick to schedule: in emergency situations, I can usually offer a distant treatment within a day of being contacted. Similarly, if an animal seems to be coming down with something or needs additional support between treatments, distant healing will provide what is needed.


Distant Reiki offers the same benefits as hands-on Reiki: physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. For example, a distant Reiki treatment can provide pain relief for various illnesses and injuries, accelerated healing from surgery, emotional healing, including healing for behavioral issues, prevention of illness or accelerated healing of an illness, and can greatly ease the transition to death. Distant Reiki is also helpful in healing family situations that may involve your animal and in helping human companions with the process of an animal’s death. A distant treatment can also be sent to heal a traumatic event in your animal’s past.


After a distant treatment, results can usually be seen in the next 24-48 hours. Although some conditions may require regular treatments to complete the healing process, dramatic shifts in healing often occur almost immediately..


How does it work?

Quantum physics shows us that everything is made up of energy, and everything is connected. Everything is part of the same, continuous whole. Long distance healing is “wireless” healing. We accept that cell phones, televisions and even our garage door openers work in this wireless way. It’s not much of a leap to accept that all energy travels that way, including the energy of healing.


In a remote Reiki session, the practitioner connects with the person or animal requesting the healing energetically. Every living being has a unique frequency, and the practitioner tunes into that unique energy. We are all part of the same unified field of consciousness, and it’s simply a question of “dialing in” to the correct frequency. Once the connection is made, the practitioner sends the healing energy to the recipient.


Recipients of distance healing report the same sensations recipients of hands-on healing experience, such as a sense of heat or tingling in certain parts of the body, a sense of calm and peace, and a deep sense of relaxation.


Treatment Length

Treatments typically last 30 minutes depending on how much energy the animal is willing to take.   .  All treatments are by appointment only.


When sharing my beliefs with you, it is my intention to improve the quality of life for you and your pet. Please consult with your doctor or veterinarian to discern what is appropriate for your  situation. Reiki is not a replacement for medical or mental treatment.

I am not, nor claim to be a veterinarian or a health care provider, and cannot diagnose or prescribe treatments for your animal companions. I can however relay symptoms and information from your pets and animal companions that may be useful for your vet. As with any healing professionals, I cannot make any guarantees, but will always in good faith follow my code of ethics and practice guidelines. I do use my skills to offer the best choices for a happy pet family and better pet wellness.

During your Animal Reiki appointment, I often receive information regarding your pet, and I do my best to convey how you can help your pet to live a more comfortable life which can include diet, herbs, supplements.


code of ethics


Guiding Principles

  • I believe the animals are equal partners in the healing process.
  • I honour the animals as being not only my clients, but also my teachers in the journey of healing.
  • I understand that all animals have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, to which Reiki can bring profound healing responses.
  • I believe that bringing Reiki to the human/animal relationship is transformational to the human view of the animal kingdom.
  • I dedicate myself to the virtues of humility, integrity, compassion and gratitude in my Reiki practice.

In working on myself, I follow these practices

  • I incorporate the Five Reiki Precepts into my daily life and Reiki practice.
  • I commit myself to a daily practice of self-healing and spiritual development so that I can be a clear and strong channel for healing energy.
  • I nurture a belief in the sacred nature of all beings, and in the value and depth of animal kind as our partners on this planet.
  • I listen to the wisdom of my heart, remembering that we are all One.

In working in the community, I hold the following goals

  • I model the values of partnership, compassion, humility, gentleness and gratitude in my life and with the animals, teaching by example.
  • I work to create professional alliances and cooperative relationships with other Reiki practitioners/teachers, animal health-care providers and animal welfare organizations in my community.
  • I strive to educate my community in its understanding of the benefits of Reiki for animals.
  • I continually educate myself to maintain and enhance my professional competence so that I uphold the integrity of the profession.
  • I consider myself an ally to the veterinary and animal health community. I work to support their efforts in achieving animal wellness and balance. I honor other disciplines and their practitioners.

In working with the human companions of the animals, I will

  • Share information before the treatment about my healing philosophy, the Reiki healing system and what to expect in a typical treatment, as well as possible outcomes, including the possibility of healing reactions.
  • Provide a clear policy ahead of time regarding fees, length of treatment and cancellation policy, as well as “postponement” policy, should the animal not want the treatment that day.
  • Never diagnose. I will always refer clients to a licensed veterinarian when appropriate.
  • Honor the privacy of the animals and their human companions.
  • Share intuition received during Reiki treatments, with compassion and humility, for the purpose of supporting their understanding of the healing process.
  • Respect the human companion’s right to choose the animal’s healing journey, selecting the methods, both holistic and/or conventional that he or she deems most appropriate, with the support and advice of a trusted veterinarian.

In working with the animals, I follow these guidelines

  • I work in partnership with the animal.
  • I always ask permission of the animal before beginning, and respect his or her decision to accept or refuse any treatment. I listen intuitively and observe the animal’s body language in determining the response.
  • I allow each animal to choose how to receive his or her treatment; thus each treatment could be a combination of hands-on, short distance and/or distant healing, depending on the animal’s preference.
  • I let go of my expectations about how the treatment should progress and/or how the animal should behave during the treatment, and simply trust Reiki.
  • I accept the results of the treatment without judgment and with gratitude toward Reiki and the animal’s openness and participation in the process

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a system of non-intrusive energy work that relieves stress and promotes emotional, mental and physical healing and well-being.  Reiki treatments do not need to be done in person, and are complimentary to traditional medicine.    However, Reiki is not a replacement for veterinary care, and if your pet is sick, please take him to the doctor!!


How would Reiki benefit my pet?

Reiki supports emotional, mental and physical well-being by energetically balancing your pet.   I have found that most pets are soothed and relaxed by a Reiki treatment, but sometimes a pet may be energized and rejuvenated instead.  Pets with cancer or other painful conditions benefit from Reiki’s ability to reduce pain and swelling.  Reiki is a wonderful addition to any end-of-life care program.   Reiki is also wonderful for rescued pets who endured abuse or abandonment in their past, and for pets in animal shelters.


How does a Reiki Treatment work?

I will offer Reiki to your pet “over distance” from my home to your pet, wherever he is located.   Reiki does not require physical contact.  Most pets settle down for a nap during their treatment.


How many Reiki Treatments does my pet need?

If your pet has a serious or chronic condition, I recommend treatments on four consecutive days followed by thrice or twice per week ongoing.   Healthy pets benefit from treatments given once or twice per week.

Sessions must be paid in advance.

“I approached Priya when my 2 year old dog
“Spartan”was diagnosed with hip dysplysia, and vet said he should not be walked at all, and he will be like this all his life, I was heart-broken. He was limping. He was on pain killers for 20 days in a month. Priya started giving him Reiki and after about ten sessions , he stopped limping and was full of energy , and no pain at all. I was so relieved , to see my pup back into action .I am so grateful to priya and for her indepth knowledge about holistic care for animals , she guided me about the nutrition, exercise and how to listen to my pet. I am still continuing her sessions twice a week. She has been such a blessing.”- POONAM- MUMBAI.

My dog had a spine surgery and was in a lot of pain , a friend of mine had told me about Priya and her work with animals. I asked her for a consultation, and was at ease instantly because of her calm and peaceful nature and how my dog just took to her instantly, as if he knew she was here to heal him. After a few sessions, he was active , eating well, and generally looked better. After a few months he was diagnosed with cancer and did not have much time, I was travelling so I asked Priya if she could help him to go in peace. She sent him distant healing at night , and in the morning I was told that he woke up and stretched peacefully and fell asleep. He went in peace. Thank you Priya for all you did.”- INDRANI- MUMBAI.

My four year old “Pepper”had an injury on his leg and was unable to move, inspite of medicines he was limping , I requested Priya if she could come and see him at night , she happily obliged , and gave him a session , during the session he just fell asleep and was so calm and at ease. After four sessions his pain and limp, was gone and I did not have to give him any medicines. Priya helped me decide all natural diet for him, and supplements, and I could not be a happier person , my pet is so healthy , with shiny coat and teeth and full of energy, after I followed Priya’s advice. Bless you Priya.” MAYA- MUMBAI.

My world came to a halt when my 14 year old “Pedro”was diagnosed with heart disease, he was put on medication, long term, but still he would collapse off and on. Priya gave him healing for two months and he was fine , started eating, and was energetic. After a year I called upon Priya again to help him transition in peace . Priya was there throughout , with me , giving me support for my grief and helping me in my difficult time. God bless you Priya ,and I am grateful that we have someone like you who we can turn to when we are lost and grieving.” SWATI- MUMBAI.

My dog Scotty was battling with kidney failure, and I was devastated to see him listless, on painkillers,my friend suggested I should talk to Priya. I called her and requested her to urgently help my dog, she was very prompt and understanding. She connected with Scotty and guided me that it was time to say goodbye, she gave him healing everyday, for the next four days, he started eating a bit and was responding.Scotty passed away peacefully with no pain .I am sure it was emotional healing that took place. Priya supported me in my grief and helped me cope. I had no idea someone like her existed in our country who is so compassionate and it shows, the way she connected with Scotty , he came and lay down next to her while she was healing him, and fell asleep. It was just peace emitting from her, it calmed me down . Bless her soul.”

My four year old mix breed rescued Simba had an injury on his right leg , and was limping. I contacted Priya.She started his distant healing, after the first session, Simba got up to walk, there was a slight limp still. After four sessions he was jumping like nothing had happened to his leg. He was back to normal with just Reiki and nothing else. Thank you Priya for helping Simba.” P.T. –MUMBAI.

Priya healed my two year old miniature pom “Muffin”, who had digestion issues due to anxiety. I was not keen on putting him on any medicines. Muffin was fine just after the second session , he started eating normally and by the fourth session he was his old self. Gratitude and blessings Priya.” JUDE- MUMBAI.

I have a rescue named zoey who had severe behavioural issues with fear and aggression. I had heard about Priya and her work with animals , but I wanted to meet with her first to see if she was the perfect healer for my dog. I met Priya and after the consultation I knew Zoey was in good hands. Priya was so gentle with Zoey , and understood her trauma and abuse as a puppy, where other animal behaviourists only saw aggression in Zoey and even told me to put her down , Priya saw Zoey’s soul. With Reiki and essential oils Zoey seems to be calm and at peace. I am glad I took the decision to try Reiki for her. A huge thank you Priya and hugs.” AARTI- MUMBAI.

My 15 year old Buffy had stopped eating,and was not interested in anything, I presumed the time had come to say goodbye.I was searching online for alternative remedies and found Priya. She sent distant healing for Buffy for a week, and Buffy was like a new dog, she started eating , had energy , walked about and I was so happy to see her zest for life. Priya gave me more time with Buffy, I am forever grateful to her.” RITU- CALCUTTA.

We found Priya through an online search, while looking for help for our dog Dennis, suffering from liver tumors. Priya promptly started the treatment, and there was a marked improvement in Dennis’ condition. Unfortunately, in less than 2 months, he was mowed down by a dog hater (who had earlier threatened to kill our dogs) else I’m sure he would have recovered in time. We are grateful to Priya for her constant support and help during those difficult times, and even now. I also consulted her for problems with another dog, and benefited from her advice. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone who is in need for a holistic healing for their animals.

Priya is professional and passionate about her work, displays empathy and understanding of animals, and is generous with her time and skills. I wish her the very best in her noble task of helping the voiceless who are often the most neglected and persecuted. N- MUKHERJEE – DELHI.

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