Guided Meditations

Hi everyone , I am introducing my LATEST collection of FOUR ALL-NEW high-vibration and healing Guided Meditation Journeys .

These are called the “LIGHT MEDITATION SERIES “which are specifically designed to help you navigate 2020 and also support you in your healing and ascension journey . The ancient art of white light has been known to man for centuries and it is the most electrifying energy for cutting through. When we use this ancient wisdom as a healing agent incredible adjustments are made through the magnetic field of all our bodies physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric . The white light is so powerful it aligns your vibrations at the speed of light .

These intense light meditations focus on clearing, healing, balancing and recharging your whole being with light and helping you to release the density that you carry in your third- dimensional body in the form of unresolved emotional material and traumas, negative and limited beliefs and patterns.

We are on the return journey and part of it is the return of our crystalline form . Souls that absorb the light which is constantly available to all are changing at cellular level from carbon-based third density bodies to crystalline based bodies that are lighter and can survive in higher frequencies and are necessary to enable our ascension .The absorption of light is causing the transformation at the cellular level . The lighter the body the higher you ascend.Crystalline bodies will assure you of having a healthy life free from any illnesses and dis-ease and slow the ageing process.


These Meditations teach you how to work with light to shed the density and prepare your bodies to receive more light and heal with this light so you are able to absorb and transmit more light and hold more energy . It allows for the amplification of your chakra system and you can return to balance in your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies.

This also helps you to gain more clarity and connectedness and You are also able to be your truly multidimensional self . That is the purpose of light. Finally you reclaim your being, your wholeness , your true self and rerun back home to the light.

These Guided Meditation Journeys have been recorded in ‘one-take’ – accompanied by beautiful solfeggio healing frequency background music.

The solfeggio frequencies are part of the olden six-tone scale believed to have incorporated sacred music, inclusive of the famous and beautiful Gregorian Chants.

The unique tones are found to impart spiritual blessings when they are played harmoniously.

Every solfeggio tone comprises frequencies necessary for balancing energy, keeping the spirit, mind, and body in a perfect form of harmony.

These frequencies have a specific healing effect on your subconscious mind.

The meditations have been channeled live and direct from Priya’s guides “ THE SEVEN RAYS “. totally unscripted and are presented here for you in ‘high-definition sound’.

Through these meditations you will learn to let go of fear and stay present in the moment and go within connecting with your inner light body and your higher mind through conscious breathing .You will learn how to work with light and have transformative healing experiences .

Every time you listen to these guided meditations , you will have soulful experiences, you will reclaim your power, unlock your potential feel expansive and raise your vibrations. You will feel RELAXED , RECHARGED and LIGHT.

You are advised to listen to these meditations on low volume with your eyes closed preferably using your ear phones . To experience deep healing , transformation and relaxation BREATHE IN THE LIGHT and MEDITATE DAILY.