Essential Oil Therapy

“Essential oils do not cure disease, they do not prevent illness, they only help your body to heal itself.”

Any essential oil is a liquid that is generally distilled, most frequently by steam or water, from the leaves, stems, flowers, roots, bark or other elements of a plant or flower.

Essential oil therapy is the actual use of essential oils to help heal our minds and bodies. As a matter of fact, essential oil therapy has been practiced around the world for thousands of years and is currently used as a medical treatment throughout Europe, Africa and Asia.

These oils are made up of tiny, fragrant and highly-concentrated molecules that are distilled from the leaves, fruits, woods, seeds, flowers and other parts of various plants. Not only are these natural compounds incredibly fragrant, but they actually have therapeutic properties that promote physical and mental well-being.

The benefits of essential oil therapy using 100% pure essential oils can provide you with an amazing range of positive benefits. Also known as aromatherapy, it can help with many common disorders or illnesses in a holistic way. With a healthy life style, aromatherapy and essential oils can get to the root of an illness, even before the symptoms begin to develop.

 Essential oils have a well- known tradition of offering therapeutic benefits to the mind, body and spirit. Many of these benefits have been confirmed by modern scientific research. Aromatherapy treatments are known to affect the physical state of the body. The essential oils have an influence on the function of the organs and tissues as well as on the nervous system controlling these tissues and organs. Aromatherapy benefits everyone from babies, children, adults, and animals. It helps with sickness and preventing disease.

The traditional use of essential oil is to promote and maintain balance in all systems of the body. Animal’s essential oil therapy is based on self-selection also known as zoopharmacognosy. In the wild animals seek out a natural remedy from various herbs and plants, instinctively picking out their own medication. Ever noticed how a dog will choose to eat certain grasses to purge itself when it feels sick- but not eat the grass when it is hungry.

Animals are very meticulous in their self medicating and will only choose what they need during the time of a sickness or a disease, once they recover , they do not need these medicinal compounds that are found in plants, roots ,barks , flowers . In a domestic environment animals are deprived of this choice. Many commercial diets are not suited to canine needs and many owners usually over supplement this does not allow the animal the choice of selecting those plant extracts they would forage in the wild to maintain their health.


Essential Oil Therapy for Animals offers a natural choice of relief from many common physical and emotional problems in animals such as: allergies, arthritis, behavioural problems , respiratory conditions, digestive disorders, hoof and foot conditions, headshaking, laminitis, mud-fever, muscular problems, sarcoids and warts, sidebone, skin conditions, stress, viruses, urinary disorders and wounds, emotional trauma, hormonal issues, pain , inflammation, immune system also certain issues which are emotional in their origin and show up in behavior, and sometimes hard to figure out.


Essential oils work at emotional and cognitive levels as well as at physiological level. Many pets have dramatic improvement in their response to stress and anxiety with the use of oils, They affect animals deep down at, cellular level, positively impacting neurochemistry and biochemistry. This of course, makes for more balanced and happier pets.



I recognize each and every animal as an individual and acknowledge their needs be it physical or emotional accordingly. I feel that the emotional and spiritual needs of animals are often overlooked by the more traditional medicinal approach ,that just focusses on fixing the problem on a superficial level and usually acts as a symptom suppressor , not having the time and necessary understanding to offer a more complete picture of what exactly is going on with the animal. Thus, in my practice I incorporate a natural way of working together with animal’s own innate intelligence to show me how to help them, I use organic therapeutic grade of essential oils and herbs for animals.

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