Harjot Sodhi

β€œIn this insightful memoir, Priya shares heart wrenching details of her life from her earliest memories as a child who was repeatedly abused sexually, emotionally, physically and verbally beginning at the age of 4 uptill the age of 19. She has articulated a Life experience that for many victims remains unspeakable. In her painful account she writes that her abusers were none other than her own family, from her mother to her close relatives, uncles and shockingly even women. Reading her life story as it grippingly unfolds, sends shivers down one’s spine. It is one of the most frank and cathartic depiction of child abuse ever written. After each dreadful event she would pick up her broken self and have hope in her heart that life would bring some respite after all, but those respiteful moments were few and far between. From having a successful flying career to landing in a disastrous marriage,Priya saw the darkest days one could possibly endure. One wonders how could a person who was so starved of love right from infancy have such boundless, unconditional love within her to give to her abusive husband and to her pets who were her lifeline. The book instills hope and courage in every readers heart and not just the ones who are suffering.
I salute the undaunting spirt of this woman who inspite of the abuse never once lost her dignity and integrity. Priya, has come a long way in her life and has finally found her higher purpose as a healer.”