My Journey


Greetings Dear Ones

Much of what I have learned about health and healing has been due to facing many health challenges myself including Fibromyalgia for 13 years.The pain took over my whole life rather changed it completely.Fibromyalgia was my dark night of the soul one of the many nights at least.I was on painkillers which would numb the pain but it would come back, doctors could find nothing wrong with me, they presecribed anti depressants, and that did not sit well with my system, there was no talk of emotions, or diet or past trauma. Physical problems are never strictly physical, the root cause is always stored emotions, which I learnt much later. My marriage ended, and everything else with it.


Back then I never made any connections with the emotional pain I was going through right from my childhood to till the end of my marriage. My turning point was when a friend suggested to try Ayurveda.I had tried everything possible so I thought I would give this a chance, but in my head I was not sure if it would work.When the Ayurvedic doctor checked my pulse and said I was out of balance, that hit me hard , I actually was , emotionally and physically.

I started the herbs and felt a bit better,and I made the changes in my diet , life style, the healing  was slow and painful,but it was worth it, I started learning energy work , yoga, meditation, my life suddenly changed , as I was desperate to get better and pain free. I started studying all about holistic and spiritual  therapies , and was very curious about the whole new realm which  opened up for me to discover. I had finally started  taking a good look at my life and  making the mind/body connection which is so important for healing to take place. The body stores what we can not handle at that moment and trauma occurs. Any un- resolved emotion will surface sooner or later in the form of a dis –ease. During that  time , my dog Cola  was diagnosed with kidney failure, and another blow for me, when doctors said she had one month to live.


I was not willing to accept that, as I had seen my own healing take place after the doctors gave up, so  I took her healing in my own hands I started her only on herbs, energy work,and raw diet and the vets were surprised as she lived for one whole year and never showed any signs of renal failure till her last week. Cola still left me but she left with dignity, and this laid the foundation for my work with animals , I became passionate about raw feeding. I wanted to provide holistic therapies for animals, who were suffering with too many drug induced illnesses, and ignorance,  and help their owners to understand their animals better and to give them an option of  the holistic approach, and coach them  , so they could make wise choices when it came to their pet’s health. Animals became my soul tribe.


I saw myself as health coach for animals. I saw animals taking on the  energy, stress and illnesses of their owners. I could determine the owner’s health issues by just examining the pet.I tried to help the owner see the light while I was treating the pet. Fibromyalgia and end of a marriage, was my wake-up call. It was my gift from the universe, because it made my life path very clear to me , I was meant to be a healer and a guide .


I was already doing energy healing for humans before my work with animals, during my healing sessions I realized , everyone had one thing in common , emotional pain leading to many other issues, and people just wanted to be heard, they  felt better if I just listened to them. As a true seeker, I took my own long journey before becoming a guide for others. I went through the fire and came out a brand new person.


I spent a decade doing my own inner work. I came to understand that you work on yourself and become an environment which allows another person to grow if they are in the point of evolution where they wish to grow. Being an empath and a clairsentient , I am able to locate and release energy blocks and help people to let go of their core beliefs which  keep them from the life they want to experience. I  want to help people to find their true self, help them to see things from a broader persepective. Turning to alternative therapies , led me to expand  my own vision to include a realm that is more subtle than our material form.  And to understand how these subtle energies effect and support the physical body.


We have other bodies that for most of our lives we are unaware of and have no idea how these bodies envelope, interface and effect our physical form.


In order for true healing to happen,  our subtle bodies need to be healed of past traumas. Once this is done, the etheric body is then the most important receptor for vibrational healing to produce permanent healing.

The healing that transpires in the more subtle (etheric) body then holds the template for healing of the physical.In fact, all healing happens in the etheric body first and then the healing progresses to the physical body.Thus creating and facilitating lasting healing on the physical  level.


I was able to heal my own self with holistic and spiritual therapies and now I am eager to share these gifts with my clients be it animals or humans. I am committed to assisting people achieve their personal wellness goals by offering  a holistic approach to healing and honouring the mind , body and soul connection , which is the essence of healing.My purpose is to create optimal health and balance for animals and all humans  who wish to take part in their own healing journey.

“When we heal via our subtle bodies,
we are healing the most effective part of us
that can receive treatment for
lasting and full healing to take place.

Traditional medicine, which seeks to alleviate symptoms, does nothing except mask the true cause of disease.

“I have come to understand that natural remedies, energy healing  assisted with vibrational remedies, used in conjunction with the patients understanding of the cause of their disease and desire to heal, can be the remedy to cure all dis-ease.