Heal your inner child program


♥  Were you abused as a child?
♥  Do you come from a dysfunctional family set up ?
♥  Do you struggle with your relationships?
♥  Do you feel unworthy ?
♥  Do you struggle to feel and express your feelings?
♥  Do you struggle to set boundaries? Do you have health issues?


If you have answered “YES” to any of the above questions, then this program is for you.


Science is proving that abused children end up becoming abused adults and also become abusers themselves , who also suffer from chronic diseases at a much higher rate than those who came from healthy nurturing homes.


Abused children are prone to…
♥  Codependency
♥  Narcissistic abuse
♥  Domestic violence
♥  Depression
♥  Anxiety
♥  Social anxiety
♥  Low self-esteem
♥  Procrastination
♥  Obsession
♥  Self-harm
♥  And so much more…


The good news is, as adults, with the right information, tools, guidance, and support we can change the way we think. If we can change the way we think we can change the landscape of our brains and as a result change our life.


I have designed a program called “Heal your inner child” especially for those who are still suffering the effects of the childhood trauma or abuse in their adult lives, including PTSD ( Post traumatic stress disorder )and CPTSD ( Complex post traumatic stress disorder).


I am a CPTSD survivor myself and I healed myself from the effects of my long term childhood abuse using these tools and techniques. Today I am helping thousands of people across the globe reclaim their lives through this program .


It is a pleasure and an honor to offer you, a chance to experience this GROUND-BREAKING healing and recovery modality.


About the program

This program will request that you go where you may have never wished to go before, that is in the direction of your pain but it will also ultimately teach you how to embrace your pain , heal it and move through it. The power to no longer fear your pain has been within you all along…


This program will help you FEEL and connect to lost parts of you-you may have needed to dissociate from simply because no one ever taught you how to process your emotions, or because you were forced to live in a state of survival because in order to heal you need to feel.


To transcend, overcome, and integrate it is necessary that we learn how to love all aspects of our personality self, including our shadow aspects and painful wounds and memories…


As we learn to honor the experiences of our inner child, rather than fear them , avoid them or bypass them or feel ashamed of them, we learn to understand our past, including what happened to us when we were powerless to control our circumstances.


This program helps you…
♥  Awaken to what is really wrong
♥  Discover the faulty beliefs that have been running your life
♥  Understand how to become aware of the faulty programming that resides in the subconscious mind
♥  Heal the beliefs that have you stuck recreating painful childhood dynamics in your adult life
♥  Process suppressed emotions in a healthy and proper way
♥  Gain control over your thoughts
♥  Learn how to connect to the true self
♥  Find worth in who you are
♥  Learn how to set boundaries with others so you can begin creating the life you always deserved
♥  Teach you the life skills you were denied when you were a child
♥  Teach you how to validate what you feel and honor your own needs
♥  Show you how to set achievable short and long-term goals
♥  Create beliefs that empower you forward
♥  Learn how to honor what you think and what you feel
♥  Learn how to design the rest of your life on purpose

You can heal

It is not your fault if you are stuck and are unsure as to how to move forward with your life. If you are codependent and have been attracting narcissistic others into your life, learning to become aware of the patterns as well as the root causes of those patterns can CHANGE your life!

You are enough

It is not your fault if you do not know how to feel your feelings, set boundaries, or live an authentic life that represents your true SELF.
It is NOT you–it is your programming .


I can show you how to reprogram your subconscious mind , change your faulty beliefs that have kept you limited and small and help you to heal your inner child and I can teach you how you can move from being a victim to a victor , to take your power back and create the life you truly desire and deserve!


If you are ready to let go of your past stories , heal yourself at the core level ,and find the “ NEW “you , then this program is designed for you.


Duration of this program varies from person to person as no two people have had the similar experiences and healing happens at ones own pace .


You can choose to sign up for either three months or six months coaching sessions in this program depending on your needs.