Holistic life Coaching

Holistic Life Coaching provides valuable support to improve all areas of your life, whilst enhancing all dimensions of health and wellness — mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Holistic Life Coaching combines a mind/body/soul approach to help you see your life as a whole entity, not a combination of individual parts. This integrative approach is based on the understanding that when we change a part of any aspect of our experience, we simultaneously change the condition of the whole.

There are two reasons we don’t have what we want in our lives:

1.    We don’t know what we want.

2.    We don’t have the tools to manifest it.
Principles of Manifestation

♥  Thought is creative. What we think about and believe we create in our life.

♥  The conditions and circumstances of our life at this moment in time are a result of what we presently believe.

♥  If we want to change any part of our life which we don’t desire, we must first change those beliefs that created it.

♥  If we want to create anything new in our life, we must first mentally create the new belief.

♥  We cannot effectively manifest a new belief if we simultaneously hold old beliefs that oppose it.

♥  What manifests is what we truly believe, not what we would like to believe.


Your beliefs become your thoughts
Your thoughts become your words
Your words become your actions
Your actions become your habits
Your habits become your values
Your values become your destiny.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

These words of unknown origin tell us that our silent and often subconscious choices shape our future. Every aspect of our lives, at home and at work, can be improved if we use our power to think, reflect, and make conscious choices about our thoughts, attitudes, words, actions, and habits.


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If you have realized you are not being fulfilled in one or more aspects of your life, that you can’t stand your boring job, your unsatisfactory living conditions , or whatever any longer. You may know what changes you want to make, but change can be scary, and this is where a life coach with the counseling skills to support the process comes in and helps you realize you can do, be , or have everything you choose for yourself.
As a Holistic Life Coach I work with you, at a mind ,body and the soul level.


I work with you to reveal the underlying and limiting beliefs, the cause , that is creating the physical manifestation or effects in your life. I coach you to create and incorporate new thoughts, beliefs and actions that are aligned with your goals and desires.
These new thoughts and beliefs will empower you instead of limiting you.


Working with the body include  identifying unhealthy behaviors and life style decisions and replacing them with healthier and more productive choices. These choices are driven by your goals. May be you want to lose weight or start an exercise routine. Perhaps you want to start a business or quit a bad habit. May be you have a chronic illness, I can work with you to reduce the severity of the illness.


I work with you on a spiritual level and help you realize that we live in a co creative universe. I help you to tap into that creative wonderful higher power within yourself. You learn how you are connected to this amazing energy and how you can use that energy to become more alive,energized,productive human  being. You can realize your true potential and transform your existing life conditions and experiences.

As a holistic life coach my aim is to help you create a life that you desire and help you to achieve specific goals in any area of your life, by motivating you, encouraging you and supporting you.


Together , we look at all the things that may have contributed to your current state using a combination of techniques that best suit you, We can get to the underlying cause of your problem- which then leads you to make permanent changes in your life.


The focus of my practice is to facilitate the navigation of distressing emotion with the un-conditional positive presence that I provide for you, while teaching you how to provide this presence  for yourself.


“As the plant springs from, and could not be without, the seed, so every act of person springs from the hidden seeds of thought, and could not have appeared without them…A person’s mind may be likened to a garden, which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild; but whether cultivated or neglected, it must and will bring forth.”
~ James Allen,” As a Man thinketh”


♥  Gain  clarity  about what you want
♥  Shift old patterns of thoughts  and soar to a new way of living
♥  Be empowered and supported in making changes
♥  Have a positive and healthy  attitude towards life
♥  Realize your true potential and power
♥  Achieve financial prosperity.
♥  Overcome barriers and self –limiting beliefs
♥  Establish better goals and inspire you to achieve them
♥  Live a balanced life with your mind, body and soul in harmony.

You will be able to

♥ Overcome anxiety, panic attacks & depression

♥ Improve relationships & resolve conflict

♥ Work through loss, grief & separation

♥ Heal traumas & abuse

♥ Develop self-confidence & self-belief

♥ Manage stress, lead a balanced life, and much more

♥ I offer a three month, six month and a year long one on one mentorship program. You can choose which ever program you would like to sign up for and If you feel you need further support you can simply extend your program for six months or a year.

♥  Your sessions are at least one hour long, once or twice a week, either in person or over the phone.


♥  Through mutual agreement you may be given tasks or homework to do in between sessions.


♥  We start with weekly meetings, or calls if you are outside Mumbai . The time commitment can be changed to suit your individual needs. It’s important to remember that change takes time and is a gradual process.


♥ The journey that we take together creates deep soul transformation and healing towards living a fully empowered life. I listen carefully to you and then create a transformational session for your unique needs within a safe and supported relationship.


♥ I use a combination of therapies , tools and techniques to help you create lasting changes in your life. These include, EFT, breath work, energy healing, inner child work, clearing and balancing your chakras, law of attraction, , shadow work, affirmations, meditation etc.


♥ All these techniques help you to release negative thought patterns, heal past trauma, identify self –limiting beliefs, help you to clear stuck and stagnant energy , help you to realize your true power and nature.


Once you are aware that you can be, do or have anything, once you know that you are worthy, and life is supposed to be good and wellbeing is your natural state , this will give you freedom and empowerment to live a life full of joy and bliss and awareness. You will experience balance and harmony in all areas of your life.


The focus of my practice is to facilitate the navigation of distressing emotion with the un-conditional positive presence that I provide for each client, while teaching them how to provide this presence  for themselves.


♥  Were you abused as a child?
♥  Do you come from a dysfunctional family set up ?
♥  Do you struggle with your relationships?
♥  Do you feel unworthy ?
♥  Do you struggle to feel and express your feelings?
♥  Do you struggle to set boundaries? Do you have health issues?


If you have answered “YES” to any of the above questions, then this program is for you.


Science is proving that abused children end up becoming abused adults and also become abusers themselves , who also suffer from chronic diseases at a much higher rate than those who came from healthy nurturing homes.


Abused children are prone to…
♥  Codependency
♥  Narcissistic abuse
♥  Domestic violence
♥  Depression
♥  Anxiety
♥  Social anxiety
♥  Low self-esteem
♥  Procrastination
♥  Obsession
♥  Self-harm
♥  And so much more…


The good news is, as adults, with the right information, tools, guidance, and support we can change the way we think. If we can change the way we think we can change the landscape of our brains and as a result change our life.


I have designed a program called “Heal your inner child” especially for those who are still suffering the effects of the childhood trauma or abuse in their adult lives, including PTSD ( Post traumatic stress disorder )and CPTSD ( Complex post traumatic stress disorder).


I am a CPTSD survivor myself and I healed myself from the effects of my long term childhood abuse using these tools and techniques. Today I am helping thousands of people across the globe reclaim their lives through this program .


It is a pleasure and an honor to offer you, a chance to experience this GROUND-BREAKING healing and recovery modality.


About the program

This program will request that you go where you may have never wished to go before, that is in the direction of your pain but it will also ultimately teach you how to embrace your pain , heal it and move through it. The power to no longer fear your pain has been within you all along…


This program will help you FEEL and connect to lost parts of you-you may have needed to dissociate from simply because no one ever taught you how to process your emotions, or because you were forced to live in a state of survival because in order to heal you need to feel.


To transcend, overcome, and integrate it is necessary that we learn how to love all aspects of our personality self, including our shadow aspects and painful wounds and memories…


As we learn to honor the experiences of our inner child, rather than fear them , avoid them or bypass them or feel ashamed of them, we learn to understand our past, including what happened to us when we were powerless to control our circumstances.


This program helps you…
♥  Awaken to what is really wrong
♥  Discover the faulty beliefs that have been running your life
♥  Understand how to become aware of the faulty programming that resides in the subconscious mind
♥  Heal the beliefs that have you stuck recreating painful childhood dynamics in your adult life
♥  Process suppressed emotions in a healthy and proper way
♥  Gain control over your thoughts
♥  Learn how to connect to the true self
♥  Find worth in who you are
♥  Learn how to set boundaries with others so you can begin creating the life you always deserved
♥  Teach you the life skills you were denied when you were a child
♥  Teach you how to validate what you feel and honor your own needs
♥  Show you how to set achievable short and long-term goals
♥  Create beliefs that empower you forward
♥  Learn how to honor what you think and what you feel
♥  Learn how to design the rest of your life on purpose

You can heal

It is not your fault if you are stuck and are unsure as to how to move forward with your life. If you are codependent and have been attracting narcissistic others into your life, learning to become aware of the patterns as well as the root causes of those patterns can CHANGE your life!

You are enough

It is not your fault if you do not know how to feel your feelings, set boundaries, or live an authentic life that represents your true SELF.
It is NOT you–it is your programming .


I can show you how to reprogram your subconscious mind , change your faulty beliefs that have kept you limited and small and help you to heal your inner child and I can teach you how you can move from being a victim to a victor , to take your power back and create the life you truly desire and deserve!


If you are ready to let go of your past stories , heal yourself at the core level ,and find the “ NEW “you , then this program is designed for you.


Duration of this program varies from person to person as no two people have had the similar experiences and healing happens at ones own pace .


You can choose to sign up for either three months or six months coaching sessions in this program depending on your needs.


“In the absence of reflection, history often repeats itself, and parents are vulnerable to passing on to their own children unhealthy patterns from the past. Understanding our lives can free us from the otherwise almost predictable situation in which we re-create the damage to our children that was done to us in our own childhoods. Research has clearly demonstrated that our children’s attachment to us will be influenced by what happened to us when we were young if we do not come to process and understand our lives.”


Dr Dan Siegel, Parenting from the Inside Out.

♥  Have you ever felt intense emotional responses to your child that were disproportionate to the situation?
♥  Have you ever done or said things that you later regret? Have you ever wished that you could become a more peaceful parent?
♥  Have you struggled with understanding your child’s emotions?


You are not alone 

We’re all human. Even the most peaceful parents feel exasperated, overwhelmed, and frustrated at times.

So, what can you do to become more patient and calm in your parenting?


Your first task 

If you want to be calmer, your first task – your most important task – is to become a more “CONSCIOUS PARENT “.

What exactly does it mean to become a more “Conscious Parent “and what is “Conscious Parenting”?


What Is Conscious Parenting?

Traditional parenting stresses on ‘I am a parent, and you are my child, you need to follow me, because I have been raised that way.’ Conscious parenting is about the paradigm shift from traditional parenting. It is about being aware of your child and being aware of yourself.


Conscious parenting is about being mindful and conscious in all your interactions with your child. It is about connecting with your children at a deeper level and nurturing their essence.


It requires a change in the way you view your child’s behavior and respond consciously to his/her needs. Simply put, it means, seeing your children as they are, or seeing the ‘spirit or the essence of their being’.


Conscious parenting urges you to change your perspective on parenting. And why not because parenting is a privilege as our children help us transform into better individuals. CP prepares the ideal environment for you and your child to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Conscious parenting involves thinking deeply about your own childhood experiences so that you can develop a deeper understanding of your own life story, and so that you can identify your own emotional triggers.


It involves taking the time to consciously examine the internal experiences that provoke your intense emotional responses to your child so that you can stop yourself from being ‘emotionally hijacked’, and so that you can make mindful choices about how to interact with your child. It is about healing yourself so that you can be the parent you want to be.


All of us, even those of us who were raised in emotionally healthy families, had emotional needs that were not met at times, and we all experienced emotional pain. If we do not heal our emotional wounds, we are likely to inflict the same wounds on our child. It is only when we develop a deeper understanding of our own life story that we can truly let go of the past. And it is only then that we can be truly present for our child and experience the greatest joy of parenting: a strong, happy, and healthy connection with our child.


About The Program:

In this program you will learn How to:

♥  See your children  for who they are and love them unconditionally.
♥  Learn about “ self- love” and how to practice it daily.
♥  Lear how to process and regulate your  own emotions.
♥  Heal your own triggers and traumas from your childhood.
♥  Use empathy and compassion to resolve a conflict
♥  Learn to listen to your child and create safe space for the expression of all emotions , feelings and needs in order to build trust .
♥  Learn how to set boundaries.
♥  Learn where and how you are practising “self-identification “ with your child.
♥  Learn what are the various types of abuse and how you might be guilty of abusing your child unknowingly.
♥  Learn how a child is showing you in various ways that he or she is emotionally stressed.
♥  Learn how childhood impacts ones entire life and the  various effects of  unconscious parenting in ones adult life.
♥  Learn how to  develop and strengthen an emotional connection with your child


Empathy, understanding, tolerance, and the validation of needs, along with consistent modelling of self-regulation and mindful practices will nurture your child’s growth in positive ways.


Your influence will be stronger with a loving, non-judgmental approach to discipline than with fear-based, conditional techniques aimed at seeking at short-term compliance or unwavering obedience.When we understand how punishment disconnects us from our children and emphasizes conditional love – we learn tolerance. When we recognize that solutions and acceptance can’t always occur at the exact moment of conflict because they require reflection – we learn patience.


After helping many parents over the years , I am convinced that the biggest challenge facing parents today is regulating their own emotions and being patient, despite the stresses. In my view “ Conscious Parenting “is the future of parenting and the need of the hour because childhood shapes our entire life .If you raise your child unconsciously he or she will struggle for the rest of their lives recovering from their childhood.


I thank you for your commitment to the wellbeing of your child and your family and for your willingness to keep learning and growing. As a parent you deserve all the support you need. I feel so grateful to walk alongside you on your parenting journey.


I want to help you shift from a traditional (power-based) view of parenting to a conscious (relational-based) view so you can bring the focus back to helping your children self-regulate, build skills – all while building strong bonds between you and them and eventually raise emotionally healthy children.


The duration for this program is for three months.


A secure attachment is built with timely and caring responses to a child’s needs.

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Priya “came into my life magically when I was asking for guidance and direction from the universe on certain aspects of my life. She seemed to “fit” into my life so easily and effortlessly as though she has always been there – more like a confidant and a friend than anything else. There is a strong sense of comfort and ease that I feel with her. While I have done only 5 sessions with her, I feel she has been around for long as all of a sudden my life has a certain “synchronicity” to it. Everything seems to be falling together – mind you these are just small steps towards a larger goal, but nevertheless I seem to “magically” get my direction and I have now started being mindful only because she has helped me “see” and “read” it. It’s not that we don’t know what needs to be done, but she “reminds” you of what you already know and seem to have forgotten. I feel a certain sense of confidence having her in my life as a coach as I know she is there to help me move to the next level. One needs to also be personally willing to do the “work” and believe that the goals will be met – she cannot possibly do the ‘work’ for you. I would highly recommend her as a life coach as she does holistic healing of mind, body and soul.

I came to Priya when I was at crossroads of my life, new country, new, beginnings and so much of old baggage . Priya helped me sort out everything step by step . I took coaching sessions weekly and found myself making the right choices in all areas of my life. It was all just connecting so well. Her guidance and support throughout helped me to realize my own potential and I felt stronger deep with in. I had to let go of so much and it was a process , but it was so worth it. Today I have clarity, confidence and strength to achieve all my goals. I feel like a balanced person. Thank you Priya for all you have done for me , I really wish more people could benefit from your services as I have . “RITESH- MUMBAI.”

Priya has helped me redefine my goals in life, and how to stay focused and achieve all I want to . Her step by step guidance in everything helped me a lot , as I was trying for a new job. She is very compassionate and understanding, and more of a mentor and guide . I learnt a lot about myself during my sessions and felt empowered from deep with in. Priya is an uplifter, she has a way of making you feel better , no matter what the situation is. I am deeply grateful to her. “N PAL- SINGAPORE.”

“I came to Priya at a time when I was feeling very lonely. She helped me to process the grief from the breakup of my relationship and together we uncovered things that I believe had been holding me back for years. I now feel like I have the strength to move on and am excited for my future.” Thank you Priya.

“Priya gave me the tools to improve my self – confidence and develop new ways of thinking. She helped me to make positive changes in every area of my life. I was lost and struggling , She helped me to re-discover myself. Thanks Priya for being you.”

“At a difficult time in my life I was fortunate to meet Priya and discover her holistic life coaching techniques. With empathy and guidance Priya showed me how to cope with my problems and enjoy my life again.” Gratitude Priya”.

“When I contacted Priya , I was exhausted, lost and confused, but knew I needed and wanted to change my life. I was a woman with two grown up children , one of them with autism, and an estranged marriage. I was fed up and wanted to change my thinking to positive. I was having anxiety attacks and spent a lot of time in the emergency department in various hospitals, just for them to tell me that there was nothing wrong with me. I had tried other ways but they didn’t really complement me and what I believe in.
Priya’s calming and positive nature helped me re- discover myself and eliminate my negative thought patterns and fears. I have made a very special friend who listens and understands and who is also human, sharing her own life experiences. She always helps you find a positive solution and provides you with ample information and research. She has taught me to believe in myself again and to trust the process of life. People in my life have noticed changes in me. I am looking forward to take my journey to the next level with Priya, and also want to recommend her to my family and friends.

“I met Priya at a difficult time in my life when I was going through a lot of self-esteem issues and suffered a big blow to my confidence and personal self. I was suffering from anxiety, had extremely high stress. I was tired and lost all direction. Priya is a great teacher and a compassionate guide, she helped me work through my thoughts and emotions. I learnt how I was creating my own reality through my thoughts.
With a whole range of techniques she helped me realize the underlying causes of my issues and how to cope with difficult situations in the future. Priya helped me find clarity and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for some direction and help in any aspect of their life.”

“Priya created a warm and friendly environment which made me feel happy and comfortable. I was able to realize my full potential and I have achieved many of my goals . I bagged my dream job, and I feel complete and whole. Priya guided me regarding my health, my body, every aspect of my life. I highly recommend her services to all who want to achieve their goals but feel that they are stuck. I am looking forward to long term coaching support from Priya. Bless you, you are the light in our crazy world.”

I was at a pause in my life or perhaps on a slow reverse spiral where I wasn’t so sure what to do, where to go, or what to move forward towards. Every idea, every thought was negative. I was pushing myself to slack off in all aspects of my life because of self doubt, self pity, demotivation and most importantly questioning my purpose in life.

I tried distractions I tried procrastinating and I tried to shut my self off from everything and I believed in no hope.

One fine day I was introduced to Dr saklani and was recommended a session of coaching. Having worked with a therapist in the past I expected a conversation where I’d reveal all my problems get some advice and have a repeat of that in every session.

I was terribly wrong.

Dr saklani is not just a holistic coach but also a friend, an adviser, someone who empathises, gives examples of life and experiences which I could relate with. She gave me exercises and motivated me step by step to reach to a better place in my life.

I didn’t expect to recover from depression in six weeks but I realised it was possible with her as a coach. I admire her abilities and skills and am enormously grateful that she helped to bring my life to a balance and to become a positive, optimistic, motivated individual. – AH, UAE.

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