End-of-Life Assistance

Pet end-of-life can be a very difficult time. Often we feel a loss to how to help or assist our beloved pet during this transition. We know this is a journey the pet must take, but we want to do all we can to help them be more comfortable and have an easier time. Here, a gentle energy session can be held with love and prayers to bring in soothing and comforting energy to assist your pet (and those around) with the process.

Many associate Reiki and energy work with healing (in order to improve health). While this is a great use of energy work (and I do provide those sessions as well), energy work is also great at helping facilitate natural body processes. Death is a natural process, just the same as birth, digestion, immunity, cognition, and such. Also, keep in mind that ‘healing’ is not the same as ‘curing.’ Sometimes, clearing and healing energy blocks helps make the transition easier.

Reiki cannot make a soul stay here. If it is a souls’ time to go, then Reiki/Energy work cannot keep them here. On the flip side, Reiki/energy work cannot make a soul transition prematurely. What it can do is assist and comfort them for their highest good. It offers divine energy which the soul uses for its’ highest good. (The same works for people, and I assist people in this manner as well.)

This inevitable part of life is often stressful. Reiki and energy work can support the pet with their transition by providing soothing energy that helps ease the physical and emotional aspects of dying. Reiki facilitates the natural flow of the transition process and helps the pet feel cared for and comforted in a deep and loving way.
It provides comfort and relief from pain, fear and anxiety. It helps to dissolve confusion and provides comfort for the recipient and their loved ones. Sessions can be done at client’s home, at a vet’s office or as a distance session.

Please call me and I would be happy to answer any queries and help you in the right direction.

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