“Breathe In , Breathe Out”

“Learn how to breath properly to relax, energize and heal your body and mind”

“Blessed are they who are intimate with their Breath, for they shall receive the ‘I Can’ of the Universe.”

One way to master stress is to be aware of your breathing. When people feel panicked or unconsciously stressed, they tend to take short, shallow gasps of air. The resulting lack of oxygen restricts blood flow and causes muscles to tense. The way you breathe affects your whole body. Full, deep breathing is an effective way to reduce tension, feel relaxed, and reduce stress.

Proper breathing has profound effects on our health. Over 70% of waste by-products are eliminated  through our breathing and our skin. When our blood is heavily oxygenated it becomes very difficult for virus’ and bacteria to grow in our body. Good breathing supports muscle growth and energy to get things done. Very often our “breathing mechanism” is in need of healing as a result of the breathing trauma we sustained at birth. The umbilical cord was probably cut too soon for many of us. Our first breath was filled with fluid, painful, scary and the result of being hit!

When ever we face difficult situations in life now we tend to hold our breath. This then shuts down the musculature of the whole “mechanism” , creating body armor, thus locking in place the tension of that difficult moment. Moments begin to pile up like this and soon we are only using 20% of our capacity to breath, thus having only 20% of our energy capacity. Breathwork Therapy can change all this

Breathwork therapy is comprised of a variety of stand-alone breathing techniques, such as three part breath, bellows breath, and conscious connected breath, as well as breathing techniques that are integral to other mind body practices, like qigong, tai chi, and yoga.

Many breathwork techniques are particularly useful because you can do them anywhere and anytime. Focusing attention on the breath also serves the meditative function of allowing the mind to more easily release distressing thoughts and emotions.

These techniques allow one to release both the physical trauma and  emotional trauma from the “breathing mechanism”. Once cleared, we are freed on a new level that opens us to lots of love, joy and energy.

How can I benefit?
By allowing more air to enter your body and focusing your attention so you calm the mind, you slow down your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and break the stress cycle. It also helps you to heal past negative emotions, resolve past and present issues, release pain and stress in your body, develop self understanding, self –acceptance, and much more.