About Me



“Healing is not forcing the sun to shine but letting go of that which blocks the light.”

Priya saklani Phd , RMT, CHLC, is a certified holistic life coach.

Born an empath and a clairsentient Priya has dedicated her life to assisting wounded adult children of dysfunctional families and victims of abuse, by helping them to overcome flawed childhood programming and co-dependency, and breaking the negative patterns of the past and reclaiming their life.

Through her practice she helps clients to fully understand their self-worth and identify and overcome limitations from childhood trauma, that are keeping them stuck. She guides them out of self-doubt and gives them tools to access their personal power, which enables them to live the life they desire.

We are doomed to repeat our childhood patterns unless we unlearn what we learnt as children and heal our wounded child.

As a survivor of two decades of childhood complex trauma and sexual abuse, she is committed to helping anyone suffering from childhood trauma and to help them to overcome the core beliefs that are blocking their road to recovery.

It is her mission to inspire, and empower others to reveal their authentic voice, creativity and power. She bridges the gap between trauma and purpose.

Priya is also a Reiki master and teacher in various healing modalities. She holds a doctorate degree in holistic and spiritual healing and is a graduate from Divine Blessings Academy which is accredited by AADP (AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF DRUGLESS PRACTITIONERS) AND INHA (INTERNATIONAL NATURAL HEALERS ASSOCIATION). Priya is also a registered member with INHA. She is part of the global task force for Charter for compassion International women and girls sector, leading Internal health and well being sector.

Priya is also a pioneer of animal reiki in India .She has had the privilege to study with Kathleen Prasad the world renowned Animal Reiki Teacher and also an author of many books on Reiki for animals. Priya is a practicing member of SARA (Shelter Animal Reiki Association) a nonprofit organization founded by Kathleen Prasad. Priya is also a member of TOLFA UK and India (Tree of life for animals) Reiki group. TOLFA is a charity organization that runs animal hospital and a rescue centre for stray animals in India.

She integrates Reiki with Touch therapy, Or gone therapy, Flower essences and Essential oils with her natural intuitive abilities and tailors each session to develop the best experience for each individual client, be it human or animal.

Her speciality is connecting with animals and their guardians. She offers in depth consultations prior to treatments and like to get a feel for contributing factors to a client’s current health and state of mind.

Priya has extensive experience in working with animals wild or domesticated. She has a thorough understanding of pets’ and owners’ needs in what can often be a stressful environment for both. Her passion for educating pet owners and her love for animals, combined with her compassion and outstanding client communication skills, led her to realize her dream to serve pets and their guardians in a more hands on and individual capacity. As an intuitive empath, she picks up what animals are feeling physically and emotionally when she touches them, and then uses that information to guide the healing energy.

She believes that love, kindness, patience and understanding are fundamental and key to every animal’s complete well being. She says” by giving my true intention and promoting healing from inside, I get the best results, I could ever hope for, it is not just treating the inner environment of the animal and the person but also the outer environment.

Her devotion is to bring the partnership between animals and humans into a better understanding and respect for one another.In her opinion, animals have already mastered unconditional love and they are here to teach us that, they are pure positive beings and are energy balancers of the planet.

She is committed to providing high quality, in-depth and caring service to all her clients be it animals or humans. She works for divine wholeness with people and animals. She wants to empower pet owners to take charge of their own health and the health of their animals so they can make informed decisions.She coaches them and provides them with resources and refers them to other healthcare providers if needed.

Priya is also an aromatherapist, herbalist, flower essence therapist, crystal healer, EFT practitioner, spiritual reflexologist, chakra therapist.

She offers private and distant Reiki healing sessions to animals and people in Mumbai (India) and she also offers Holistic life coaching sessions in person or via phone/skype to clients all over the world.

Priya also offers distant and in-person Reiki attunements for Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3, for all those who wish to learn and practice Reiki.